A missing legendary race car makes a historic return. Watch the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center revive the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLS for its 60th anniversary.
Invincible Boats' new 40' catamaran was designed by America's Cup winning multi-hull architects at Morelli & Melvin.
ANRKY is a new wheel company started by industry veterans intending on disrupting the established order.
Magnus Walker and Sung Kang are two car enthusiasts cut from the same cloth. We were there to capture the key swap of "277" and #FuguZ" and our cameras rolled as they drove each other's iconic builds on the famed Angeles Crest Highway.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) on a cold fall morning across Donner Lake, California. 

Living inside a time warp at their lakeside bed and breakfast, John's 67 Mustang has covered almost 1 million miles and Virginia's 1972 Thunderbird is a cherished gift from her mother. Watch the last episode in our series of the High Mile Club for Valvoline USA.
In collaboration with Abandon Visuals, we took the the Ariel Nomad and driver Leh Keen to an epic Northern California ranch (http://www.foxcreek-ranch.com/) to test out a new chase camera rig from FlowCine called the Black Arm. There was a cowboy. These are the results.
"The Underdog" from RED Digital Cinema and presented by Abandon Visuals is the story of an unnamed fighter and his quest to become the champion of an underground fight club. Shot on a WEAPON with HELIUM 8K S35 sensor and Leica Summicron-C lenses, the short film showcases a fighter as he prepares for his shot at glory.
Invincible Boats teamed up with Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering to create a catamaran that outperforms all others. Check out the second video we created that goes deeper into the minds and technology behind this groundbreaking boat.
Jamie's 1955 Chevrolet 4x4, "Daddy's Girl", is a welcome reminder of her late dad who did whatever he needed to keep it on the road. Over 300k miles later, her family still uses and enjoys the truck every day.
Donny Gillies is a Bay Area based artist known for his unique rock n roll inspired style. We caught up with Donny at his home studio to check out his custom painted 1973 Dodge shorty van named 'Vandalf' and his triple black 1969 Plymouth Satellite.

Joshua Shaw's Suburban hit 300k miles this year and is still going strong. Find out how his ole faithful steals the show at the race tracks. 

We were fortunate enough to be able to hop on a flight around the city of San Francisco, CA at night! As we approached the city, we were given permission to fly over the SFO airport as well! Enjoy!

Rally driving is at the core of Dirtfish Rally School. With profound enthusiasm and tenacity, DirtFish is committed to encourage, inform, develop and inspire people from all walks of life, to experience that same exhilaration and passion, unleashing the potential in all of us.
The Finest Automobile Auctions wants to add flavor to the car auction industry. We visited them in New York to see where they came from and how they're doing things differently.

A quick behind the scenes recap of what went on during the production of The Underdog. Directed by Jonny Mass and cinematography by Jared Fadel in 8K on the Red Helium. The video was filmed and edited in 48 hours. 

Meet Rudy Mancinas from Texas. He's humble to the core and generous in spirit, yet with an ambitious goal to own every color of Porsche delivered in the 964/993 generations. Each car get's "Rudyfied", his own set of modifications meant to put his personal stamp on a timeless automotive collectible.
Steven (Opie) Stark and his daughter Alex have a unique bond with a car. A special 1971 Plymouth Duster 340 based off a Hot Wheels car that Alex had when she was 3 years old. She found the car online when she was 10. As a family, they rebuilt it together.
The Porsche 911 RS (Rennsport) is a visceral connection between the track and street. Join us at VIR and on the backroads of North Carolina as the Ingram Collection and their friends drive their entire lineage of legendary RS cars. Produced and Directed: Frazer Spowart Edited: Frazer Spowart

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, MOMO teamed up with Magnus Walker for the release of the new Magnus Walker MOMO Signature Series Steering Wheel. What better place to debut it than Porsche's Rennsport Reunion V after a road trip with 70 other Porsche enthusiasts?

The world’s most advanced monitor-recorder, the Shogun Inferno is put to the test by the Abandon Visuals crew, bringing the world's leading cameras from Arri, Sony, Canon, Panasonic & Red to life
Anthony is a mechanic, pinstriper, and signpainter who will soon graduate high school to pursue a college education in the career of his dreams. On paper he is young, but he is authentically drawn to older cars, an older craft, and older rules.
Joshua Shaw is used to restoring cars twice his age. Born into a motorsport family and often pulling long nights before a race, he is a competitive vintage sprint car racer who represents a modern link to this unique form of racing.

BTS of Area 27 with Abandon Visuals 

Cole Moore | Area 27

The Lambo Lab (ACSL) in Seattle is the leading edge of carbon fiber development for Lamborghini. Watch and learn about the evolution of composite materials from the Countach Evoluzione to the Sesto Elemento
Steve Stanford is a prolific automotive artist and custom car designer. His art is commissioned by builders and enthusiasts alike and has inspired countless people throughout hot rod culture.
Magnus Walker shows us his latest build, the "giant killing" 1967 #Porsche 911S, and talks about what makes a great canyon carving machine. Soundtrack - Derek Whitacre
Designed not only for the car enthusiast, but specifically, the driving enthusiast. The true driving enthusiast - where man, machine and the road less traveled come together to create an experience that changes ones perspective on life and further fuels the passion to explore ones boundaries. This is what Targa Trophy is about...
eGarage attended the Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in 2014 and stitched a 4K still motion story together with over 20 thousand photos.

Vintage Electric Bikes was born in the heart of the Silicon Valley. This young bike company is the perfect mix of classic design aesthetic hard wired with modern electric technology. In this feature, eGarage explores how friends began their journey into a venture charged by passion, innovation and freedom.

We profile Buz Ras, a classic car fan and owner of Seattle Speedometer. Throughout the video, Buz walks viewers through his passion for rebuilding and repairing classic instruments, his love of tinkering with his 1969 Porsche 912 and 1978 Ducati 900 GT, and his mission to keep the spirit of DIY going.
eGarage went to the Bonneville Salt Flats in August 2014 to document a very special “Speed Week”. It was the hundred year anniversary of land speed racing on the Bonneville salt. A century of speed. Much to our dismay the salt bed was flooded by torrential rains and the event was cancelled. The footage that follows is what came of our short trip. The quotes from noted historians highlight the magic that is Bonneville and the spirit of those that compete there.
Invincible is a prominent boat builder in South Florida with a patented hull design. eGarage produced this video unveiling their new model being released at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.
Mike quit his job to ride a Honda Ruckus over 29,000 miles and counting. Wild camping most nights and cooking most of his own meals, he keeps the costs low and the landscape changing. We caught up with him on his way down the west coast to hear his story.
Zero Compromise a film by www.eGarage.com Nestled quietly in the hills of Central Coast California, AccuAir Suspension has emerged as a leader in air suspension technology. This didn't happen overnight and the successes have come with risk, loss, and lots of reward. Here is the AccuAir story, in motion.

The Atomos Flame Series Launch Video